Theodore "Teddy" Rockeater

weapon and armor merchant


Proprietor of the weapon & armor shop, Plate & Flail

Current Inventory:

  • +1 Ammunition (20 crossbow bolts) (uncommon, dmg 150)
    Every strike by this weapon is accompanied by a spray of phantasmal blood.
  • +1 Weapon (lance) (uncommon, dmg 213)
    Every strike by this weapon is accompanied by a burst of light.
  • +1 Weapon (sling) (uncommon, dmg 213)
    This ornate weapon is said to have once belonged to a forgotten god of war.
  • +2 Weapon (dart) (rare, dmg 213)
  • +1 Armor (padded) (rare, dmg 152)
    This finely crafted armor is said to protect its wearer from the gaze of a basilisk.
  • +1 Shield (uncommon, dmg 200)
    A battered shield, painted with an unknown coat of arms.
  • +1 Shield (uncommon, dmg 200)
    A distinctive shield, engraved with runes of invulnerability.
  • Adamantine Armor (breastplate) (uncommon, dmg 150)
    A masterwork armor, engraved with geometric patterns.
  • Adamantine Armor (chain mail) (uncommon, dmg 150)
    This finely crafted armor was taken from the hoard of the dragon Duki.

Has two tween daughters.

Theodore "Teddy" Rockeater

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