Lord Brunswick Lemongrove

The old and ill lord of LemonGrove


Once handsome, now the Lord is fragile and weak. His skin is pale and his moves slowly through the castle. When angered he will sometimes try to feebly draw his sword.


Brunswick Lemongrove, the fourth son of the great Wylder Lemongrove, led a long and prosperous career as an adventurer. He regularly traveled up and down the Sword Coast looking for beasts to slay and innocent souls to aid. He most famously defeated a mated pair of displacer beasts that had been terrifying a series of dwarven settlements – forever sealing a bond of friendship between his family and the mountain dwarves of StoneHole. Most tragically, Brunswick was four times the only survivor of a larger expedition, which earned him the nickname “Last Lemon” – a moniker he despised.

On one such occasion he was exploring a forgotten ruin and was ambushed by a band of Kobalds. On death’s door, he fell against a crumbled altar and cried out for help before blacking out. He awoke in the library of the family home – unharmed and unaware of what happened. At his feet he found a crystal ball which he thoughtlessly put on a shelf in the deep recesses of the library.

As he grew older he finally settled to his family castle to rule over the lands he had expanded and defended through his life. His beautiful wife the Lady Vatican Lemongrove bore him many children, and he was known as a fair and just ruler.

His wife bore him six daughters before finally bearing him a son, his heir Appleton. Appleton’s precarious position as the only male heir led to much conflict inside the Lemongrove home, as the Lady was very protective of him while the Lord encouraged Appleton to follow in his adventuring footsteps.

Brunswick has always been confused by Appleton, as he possesses all the physical gifts and charms that a king could ask for in a son…but refuses to use them. He often arranges for Appleton to escape Lemongrove on adventures, with the hope that one such adventure will lessen the weirdness his son has shown at parties and galas.

Currently Brunswick is the ruler of LemonGrove in name alone. A long festering illness has weakened him and he assigns many of his duties to his loyal retainers and wife.

Lord Brunswick Lemongrove

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