King Randolf Drewager

The King of Barthmoor


The King of Barthmoor puts you in mind of a precise mechanism. He has slitted gray eyes and a blonde mohawk. He is short and has an angular build. His skin is the color of rich earth. He has a small mouth and long-fingered hands and sharp teeth.. His wardrobe is elaborate and is mostly black leather.


Whenever King Drewager conquers a region, he strips its natural resources, processes them into soldiers for his empire, and moves on to the next kingdom. Setting his sights on the Sword Coast from his colossal castle, King Drewager surrounds himself with his family: his wife Machina and his five sons. They are Unos, Tuco, Treos, Quatras, and Quntos. Unos has been groomed to succeed him, while both Tuco and Quntos were exiled for plots against the realm. He frequently uses gnomes and wizards to create magical metal beast machines.

Despite his violent tendencies and short temper, the King shows himself to be a caring, if pampering, family man, often taking the advice of his family over that of his much more intelligent butlers, Klank and Orbus. Though he considers non humans as primitive, the King is shown to be fascinated with mundane nonhuman activities, and many of his early schemes involved turning small problems into life-threatening situations through use of his Machine Beasts.

As he has grown older, the King has begun to show increased interest in the mystic arts. He attempted to take possession of various magical totems, including Holotroptus’ mysterious arrowhead and the powers of Trey of Triforia. When his forces uncovered a vein of a magical metal called Neo-Plutonium in a mine, he used it to form an armored coating for his monsters, though they are eventually defeated by [[Acquisitions, Inc. | Acquisitions, Inc.]].

Eventually he decided to confront Acquisitions Iinc. himself and the King retrieved the Sword of Damoclat – a mystical weapon capable of mass destruction that he had used some time in the past and had sealed away so he wouldn’t be driven to use it again. When he used the sword he swelled to the size of a tall building. Despite his size and new sword, the King was defeated and he returned to his Kingdom to nurse his wounds.

King Randolf Drewager

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