Guard Tuco


Dark oily hair neatly coiffured to reveal a lean, sad face. Bulging amber eyes, set a-symmetrically within their sockets, watch discreetly over his surroundings. A moustache elegantly compliments his cheekbones and leaves a beautiful memory of his past. While most Barthmoorians are dark skinned, Tuco is the rare pink Barthmoorian – known locally as a “silkie”.

There’s something different about him, perhaps it’s a feeling of indifference or perhaps it’s simply his friendly demeanor.


A town guard in bridgepuddle, he often patrols with his partner Guard Juan. Knicknamed “Tu” by his good friends, Tuco is much more laid back than Juan but will usually defer to Juan’s judgement. Generally lazy.

The fourth son of King Randolf Drewager, he was exiled at a young age for plotting an overthrow of the government of the Sky Kingdom of Barthmoor. He has since made his living as a mercenary and town guard, though some Barthmoorians petition him to return.

Guard Tuco

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