Appleton Barnsworth Lemongrove

Absurdly Handsome Heir to the Lemongrove estate


Duke of LemonGrove

Possibly the most handsome man in all the Sword Coast, Appleton stands 6’2" with dark features. He is typically dressed in the finest clothes and often wears a cape. He appears unarmed at all times, with several simple bags at his waist. He wears gloves at all times so that he doesn’t have to touch anyone.

Following his tragic encounter with a black dragon in the Snakemoor Swamp, Appleton’s demeanor has changed. He sullenly haunts the halls of Lemongrove, rarely leaving his library.



Appleton Character Sheet


Sir Appleton Barnsworth Lemongrove is the 6th child of the well heeled Lemongrove family, and the current Duke of the Lemongrove estate. To the lament of his mother and father, their first five children were all girls, and so currently Appleton stands to inherit the Lemongrove manor and lands. If anything were to befall him, control of Lemongrove would pass on to the Marquis of Axeport – a well known brute and scoundral from a disgraced family.

Knowing this, Appleton has largely been kept isolated inside of the family estate for his own safety. His knowlege of the outside world has been gained from his studies in the library, and the whisperings of a foul spirit that haunts the darkest corners of the Library’s abandoned wings.

His brief interactions with the outside world have been additionally confusing he was born as possibly the most handsome man in all of the Sword Coast. Appleton has so far shown zero interest in people of either sex, and their often fawning praise is lost on him. As he is generally disgusted by physical contact he has not found a wife nor sired an heir, much to his mother’s constraint. He does however hold a dear fondness for “The Adventures” and has ventured out into the world several times before being wrangled back into the safety of the family lands.

Appleton’s father, the well loved Lord Brunswick Lemongrove has ruled Lemongrove for the past thirty years, but is in poor health and now rarely attends traditional fox hunts and lemon scavenges.

Appleton’s mother is the protective Lady Vatican Lemongrove has relative power while her husband is ill.

Appleton’s sisters have varying degrees of interest in titles and lands.

Appleton Barnsworth Lemongrove

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